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Mathraki, Othoni
and Erikoussa Islands

by Corfu Yachting

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Mathraki, Othoni and Erikoussa Islands "A Seventh Heaven"

These are the most paradisiacal Islands in the Ionian, offering their visitors a tranquil and serene holiday. They are the best kept secret they are not even known to most Greeks. These islands are a part of the prefecture of Corfu , Island . They are known as Diapontian Islands . Human activities on these islands include agriculture, fishing and tourism.

Mathraki, It's the northern most and the smallest of the Diapontian Islands but it's very picturesque and it has a magnificent coastline which forms bays, 2 of the largest are Ammos and Apidies, with little taverns awaiting for tourists every summer. It's a long and narrow island. Its length is 4 km from NW to SE and it's width of 1 klm from W to E. Its surface exceeds 3 square km. The small harbor in Mathraki is a haven because it's not affected by any weather conditions. The two sides of the port protect it from North and East winds, while the rest is protected by the bulk of the islands.

A great uniqueness and an important tourist attraction for the island is the infinite beach of Portelo that occupies the largest part of the North Eastern side of the island. With its marvelous beach that reaches almost 3klmand it's shallow crystal clear waters that slowly deepen , Portelo beach is accessible and friendly even to one's that don't know how to swim. Mathraki with its lovely natural beauty and it's hospitable native inhabitants can offer the ideal get away from the hassle of the big city. It's private , secluded and surrounded by a magnificent serene environment.

Every July there's a great big festival and Mathraki gets crowded of about 300 people, mostly Corfu residents partly Corfu vacationers. They arrive at Mathraki's port for a night of dancing, eating and drinking, this continues into the wee hours and it takes place right on the beach under the beautiful star lit summer sky.

Othoni, it's the largest of the three islands. It's 10 km at a distance of 20 km Northwest of Corfu . The maximum length and width of the island is 5.6km and 3.6km respectively. It's sparsely populated, it's the western most point of Greece. It's possible by boat to reach one of the most known beaches Aspri Ammos, (white sand), this is where it's said that Odysseys was kept by Calypso. Othoni is also known for its light house, Othoni Kastri. It was built in 1872, on the west coast of the island. It's still active aid to navigation. This island is perfect for a sailing holiday but also for quiet holidays ashore. The island was famed for its good climate and it's said that during the British protectorate sick soldiers would be sent here to recuperate.

Erikoussa is a peaceful island for a quick escape from routine life. The azure beaches and green hills with colorful homes on the sides make for an impressive scene. It's a small and round island 2 kilometers in diameter. The landscape of this island resembles that of Sidari on the coast of Corfu opposite on the south coast we find Porto, it's one immense stretch of sandy beach ( Faro or Fiki) which attracts many visitors from Corfu . In the distance we can see the mountains of Albania . A footpath leads northwards through lush vegetation to a baech named Pangini. The hospitality will be make you feel right at home. In fact you feel so cozy that you won't to wake up to when it's time to leave BUT there's always next year.

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