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Sailing Holidays
by Corfu Yachting

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Sailing Holidays

Corfu Yachting presents you to the spectacular world of sailing! On the water is the perfect place to spend your holiday. Whether youíre a novice wanting to find out what sailing is all about or an experienced sailor seeking a superb holiday, we will provide you with the ideal sailing holiday.

Have you ever dreamt of sunbathing on a private yacht, slight winds caressing you and being splashed by the azure waters of the Ionian and the Aegean. Corfu Yachting was founded on the firm belief of making your dreams come true at the lowest possible price.  

Set sail to any of the Greek Islands. You can make it a learning experience by visiting places of ancient thrills such as Ithaki, the birthplace of Odysseus and find out for yourself why it took him so long to return to his beautiful home. OR, you can visit places of human excitement such as Mykonos, where the fun and action never stops. OR , get together  with a bunch of friends , cruise to nowhere and intoxicate your senses by the warm breezes , the lingering scent of the sea and itís sporadic splashes as you sail to the nearest tavern for the local delicacies.  Choose a sailing holiday with us and we guarantee it will be the opportunity of a life time, we will make you feel like a Greek God or Goddess.

Our company provides you with a diverse selection of boats, ranging from small motorboats for excursions to the local islands to luxury yachts The yachts we own, have been designed with three major things in mind, comfort ,convenience and safety. When it comes to a sailing holiday we are your specialist. We comply and cater to each individualís preference. Itís not by chance that we are the best in the Mediterranean.

Sailing Holidays are not only limited to summer. You can just as well have a thrilling, unique experience all year round. With our expert staff and well equipped vessels you can have an exhilarating sailing holiday in the winter as well.

Just for a moment see in your mindís eye sailing at night underneath the moon and stars.

As soon as your sailing holiday is over, we guarantee you will be planning your next one.

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